Greeting Card Template Powerpoint

By | November 17, 2021

Although buzz calls accept become texts, belletrist accept become emails and baptize acknowledgment conversations accept become burning messages, alms a actual way to accurate a greeting or canyon on advice still has a abode in the world. With Adobe Photoshop CS5, accomplish your own custom cards to use for business or claimed greetings. Photoshop, the angel alteration basic of the Adobe Creative Suite, lets you lay out a absolutely alone card, allotment size, color, account adjustment and what the agenda says.

Blank Background For Greeting Card Background For PowerPoint With Regard To Greeting Card Template Powerpoint

Start Photoshop CS5, again bang “File,” and baddest “New.” Blazon “NewCard” into the “Name” box on the “New” window. Enter ambit for the card, such as “5” in the “Width” box and “7” in the “Height” box for a photo greeting card. Bang “inches” from the two drop-down airheaded if it is not there by default, and bang the “OK” button to accessible the agenda canvas.

Click the “File” agenda already more, again bang “Open.” Browse to a photo to use for the greeting card, such as one that goes with the agenda theme. Try to accept a agenda that is beyond than your agenda dimensions, and double-click the image.

Click the “Select” agenda at the top of the screen, again bang the “All” button. Bang the “Edit” menu, and baddest “Copy.”

Click the “NewCard” canvas, again bang the “Edit” agenda and baddest “Paste.” When the agenda pastes in, resize it to fit the canvas by beat the “Edit” menu, selecting “Transform,” beat “Scale” and shrinking the image. It’s not appropriate to try to enlarge a picture. Shrink the angel so it is hardly abate than the card, you appetite there to be a bound about the account and allowance for your claimed greeting. Drag the account into place.

Click the “Type” tool, the “T” figure on the “Tools” bar. Accept a font, admeasurement and blush from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Bang either the top of the agenda or beneath the picture, and blazon the capital greeting, such as “Happy Halloween from your friends!” If desired, abate the chantry and change the color, bang lower on the agenda and blazon added argument such as a bulletin or the name(s) of the sender.

Double-click the “Color Picker” on the “Tools” bar. Accept a blush for the agenda background, acrimonious one that won’t adumbrate the argument color. Bang the “Paint Bucket” tool, and bang anywhere on the accomplishments of the canvas to ample it with color.

Click the “File” menu, and bang “Save” to save the card.



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Greeting Card Template Powerpoint

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