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By | January 11, 2022

DJI, the aggregation accepted for its drones and artistic camera technology, has launched a new changeable activity camera to abduction aerial affection video anywhere, anytime.

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DJI Activity 2 has an adaptive alluring architecture which utilises DJI’s ability in stabilisation systems to ensure life’s adventures are captured in abiding bright bright 4K video.

The accent weighs aloof 56g and is baby abundant to booty anywhere with options to attach to your helmet, arise on your surfboard or skateboard or attach deeply on your shirt.

DJI Activity 2 can be acclimated for annihilation from vlogging to acute sports and time lapse.

The camera is dustproof, waterproof and bead affidavit so it can bear whatever you bandy at it as you almanac life’s adventures.

DJI Activity 2 is fabricated up of a capital camera assemblage and assorted added modules including a advanced touchscreen module, ability bore and assorted ascent peripherals that can be all interchanged.

There are abundant configurations and ascent combinations so you accept absolute ascendancy over creatively capturing your world.

The touchscreen is advised to accomplish it easier and added acceptable to ascendancy your photography so you can focus in on what you’re doing.

The camera has a 1.6-inch OLED touchscreen with an added OLED awning on the advanced touchscreen bore which attaches deeply to the basal of the camera via alluring locks which allows users to set up a selfie and vlog instantly.

The awning is adequate with Gorilla Bottle and uses haptic acknowledgment for added absolute ascendancy say can go through the agenda arrangement and admission the camera settings bound and easily.

And you won’t absence any of the activity with the affection alleged SnapShot which allows users with the continued columnist of the ability button to about-face the camera on and be instantly recording.

DJI Activity 2 can almanac 4K at 120 frames per added with a cool advanced 155-degree acreage of appearance so you can abduction all your ambience and actualize immersive footage.

The camera additionally incorporates Rocksteady 2.0, DJI’s proprietary cyberbanking angel stabilisation (EIS) technology.

This offers a akin of accuracy while HorizonSteady maintains a akin anatomy throughout the accomplished video.

The camera assemblage has a array that can run for up to 70 account on its own, 160 account back affiliated with the advanced touchscreen bore and 180 account with the ability module.

The DJI Activity 2 additionally incorporates DJI Matrix Stereo Technology so the distinct microphone from the camera assemblage can amalgamate with the three microphones from the bore to almanac audio from every administration to admission actualize an immersive complete during playback.

DJI Activity 2 offers a array of able features, including:

– Apathetic Motion: Record video in apathetic motion (4x in 4K/120fps and 8x 1080p/240fps) to abduction brief moments with permanence.

– Hyperlapse and Timelapse: Control the acumen of time with Timelapse and Hyperlapse to abduction different agreeable with the aftereffect of the apple affective faster about you. During Hyperlapse recording, you can about-face to and from regular-speed recording for alike added artistic options.

– QuickClip: Set the accent to booty abbreviate 10, 15, or 30-second videos, absolute for amusing media.

– Livestream: Use DJI Activity 2 to advertisement a livestream with a abiding beck achievement of up to 1080p/30fps.

– UVC: Utilize DJI Activity 2 as a USB video accent chic (UVC) for your computer and abduction high-quality video for appointment calls and alive gaming broadcasts.

DJI activity 2 can affix through the DJI Mimo app on your adaptable accent via wi-fi or Bluetooth and you can additionally appearance a alive augment of the camera through the app as able-bodied as admission assorted adventure templates and abundant more.

There’s additionally an automatic AI editor which can automatically baddest and amalgamate the greatest genitalia of your video and add absolute transitions and music to actualize videos you can allotment on amusing media.

Being a modular arrangement there is a abounding ecosystem of accessories to advice you maximise the possibilities of DJI activity two including:

– DJI Activity 2 Advanced Touchscreen Module: A front-facing OLED touchscreen and three congenital microphones accompany 4-mic Matrix Stereo technology, which allows you to compose videos or selfies and almanac brittle audio on the go. Affix to Activity 2 for a best array activity of 160 minutes.

– DJI Activity 2 Ability Module: Lets you get the best out of Activity 2 by accouterment up to 180 account of filming and an added microSD agenda slot. A hot-swappable architecture agency you can change amid ability modules for all-day power.

– DJI Activity 2 Magnetic Lanyard: Wear this stylish-yet-discrete braiding to accumulate your easily chargeless and abduction moments from an agitative first-person view.

– DJI Activity 2 Alluring Ball-Joint Adapter Mount: An adhering abject allows users to attach DJI Activity 2 to any apparent and adore 360° of abandon to fix the camera in any direction. A accepted 1/4″ spiral aperture is accordant with best camera accessories.

– DJI Activity 2 Alluring Adapter Mount: This arise deeply holds DJI Activity 2 in abode during acute sports or ambitious scenarios. It includes folding fingers at the basal to use Activity 2 with best third-party activity camera accessories.

– Alien Ascendancy Addendum Rod: A able 3-in-1 accent serves as an addendum rod, tripod, and advertisement alien controller, to accommodated all your cutting needs.

– DJI Amphibian Handle: A alveolate architecture helps accumulate DJI Activity 2 amphibian so you can blur in baptize after abhorrence of accident the camera. An anti-slip anchor makes it accessible to hold, and the handle can be absorbed to a tripod or the DJI Activity 2 Waterproof Case.

– DJI Activity 2 Waterproof Case: The Waterproof Case houses DJI Activity 2 Camera Assemblage and advanced touchscreen bore or ability bore to base of up to 60 meters.

– DJI Activity 2 Alluring Headband: Another hands-free another that allows users to shoot videos in different FPV.

– DJI Activity 2 Macro Lens: This optical bottle with multi-layer blanket attaches magnetically over the camera assemblage lens, authoritative for ideal close-up shots in sharper, richer detail.

– DJI Mic: Wireless dual-channel recording arrangement that adds bright and brittle audio to your vlog or showreel. DJI Mic has a recording ambit of up to 250 meters and is accordant with Activity 2, smartphones, and any accent that has a 3.5mm audio input. Adore up to 5.5 hours of array activity from the transmitters, 5 hours from the receiver, and 15 hours from the charging case.

DJI Activity 2 is accessible now and is priced at $799. It includes the DJI Activity 2 camera unit, advanced touchscreen module, alluring lanyard, alluring brawl collective adapter arise and alluring adapter mount.

The DJI Activity 2 ability admixture retails for $609 and includes the DGI Activity 2 camera unit, ability module, alluring braiding and alluring adapter mount.

All added accessories are awash separately.

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Headband Card Template

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