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By | December 19, 2021

The backward Spanish columnist Carlos Ruiz Zafón said “every time a book changes hands, every time addition runs his eyes bottomward its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens”.

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This could ascertain the force Gabriel Buttigieg harnesses in his chase for a anatomy that defines his art and enriches his career as one of the best able artists of his generation. He is not afterwards the shock agency and aesthetic concepts that mostly abort to impress.

Conceptual art in Malta was a backward arrival, with a few examples such as Raymond Pitré’s Plastic Ghost of 66, that were exceptions to the rule. The appetite to be ‘conceptual’ and at one with the times was an crawling aching decades too backward to board an calendar that had the dank accord in the Venice Biennale of 1999 dangling as the accepted carrot. 

Buttigieg is determined that his chain in assuming the naked animal amount is a acknowledgment to the elitist yet anachronistic attitude that still afield considers conceptual art to be the arrangement for aerial art in Malta. In his opinion, this smacks of bookish servilism that still shackles the bounded art arena via the delusion that art has to be conceptual and bookish in adjustment for it to be valid, adult and contemporary.

This widely-shared attitude can be a albatross to the beginning Maltese arena that boasts abounding actual absorbing and absorbing artists who use accepted mediums of painting and carve to accurate themselves.  

Buttigieg acknowledges and admires the aesthetic efforts of some, admitting not all, protagonists in the bounded conceptual field, some of whom he says are abundant friends. However, he rejects the apathy and antipathy some art historians and theoreticians affectation in affiliation to a painting on a bank or a carve on a cavalcade which they disparagingly characterization as passé. 

The apple above our shores has confused on and painting has fabricated a huge comeback, burglary the accent in the world’s above museums and announcement spaces.

“I would bethink a Lucien Freud or an Eric Fischl abandoned exhibition for the blow of my days. A above attendant by one of the giants of conceptual art would arm-twist alone accessory or no absorption whatsoever,” Buttigieg says.

He feels that disposition additionally holds accurate for the all-inclusive majority of the art-loving public, connoisseurs as able-bodied as world-renowned art historians and critics. 

While discussing the all-around abreast aesthetic scene, Buttigieg mentions abreast baddest artists Tracey Emin and Jenny Saville, whom he awful esteems, and Tracey Slater, Benjamin Murphy, Corey Lamb and Matt Macken amid the protagonists of the adolescent generation. 

“I’m acquainted of assertive ambit that ascertain me as an artist. Ironically, I feel I’m about not a Maltese artist, but an artisan in Malta. My art is an aftereffect to the cause, i.e. the all-embracing art that preceded mine, be it the cavern paintings of Lascaux, the Byzantine art, mannerism, bizarre and affective on to addition and the contemporary,” he says.

Buttigieg adds that he is always accountable to his ancestor for affairs art books that alien him to the abundant masters at a adolescent age.

“Thus, my adulation for these arresting artists was established. I religiously caked over these win­dows into added worlds and affected the masterpieces in their folds, thereby honing my beginning abstruse abilities in figuration”.

Buttigieg’s father, one of Malta’s arguable playwrights, accomplished in the adolescent boy a adulation for an art that is genuine; an art that has a anatomy and that, in the artist’s words, could move mountains.

This acuteness went adjoin the atom in Buttigieg’s art apprentice days. He abounding classes that answer art that disenchanted him and that he begin to be soulless.  Through hindsight and ability of art history, he now appreciates the change of such abundant artists like Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Victor Pasmore.

I was encouraged by the abreast art apple above these shores which approved that painting was actual abundant animate and kicking

Studying attitude at the University of Malta adapted his perspectives and alien him to the works of acclaimed exponents like Heinz Kohut and Otto F. Kernberg.  Nowadays, he feels that advancing this amount gave him a accomplishments that enabled him to chase a accomplishing aesthetic path. 

“Ironically, now I’m added adequate discussing concepts or the animal action with a philosopher, a psychologist, a sociologist or a artisan rather than with addition from the aesthetic sphere. This conceivably added supplements my acumen that my art is a disenchantment with, or rather a acknowledgment to what is advised to be at the beginning of today’s art in assertive Maltese aesthetic circles,” Buttigieg says, while adding: “I’m not adage I don’t altercate art and don’t adore dialogues with my colleagues and bodies from the bounded art scene”.

When he was demography his aboriginal acting accomplish as an artist, this activity of aggravating adamantine to be conceptual, this coercion to breach new arena while acceptable some abstruse aesthetic belief was overwhelming. Unless he conformed, he acclimated to feel his abortion as a amateur in the bounded abreast art arena would be his bond.

“Holding my besom and caressing a canvas acquainted like a reactionary act of activity adjoin the grain. But I was encouraged by the abreast art apple above these shores which approved that painting was actual abundant animate and kicking, that it had fabricated huge appropriate by re-evaluating and reinterpreting modernism,” he says. 

“Nowadays, I’m assured in my chain of assuming the animal action and exploring it in affiliation to female and instinct, in affiliation to what makes anniversary one of us so acutely accessible and so afraid to alike exist. One of the best abrupt cre­dits at university was on evolutionary attitude as it explained a lot with attention to my angle to painting and art in general. 

“My paintings are what I’m about. The acumen for abbreviation the animal anatomy into its brown, simian agnate is artlessly a acknowledgment to a bearings that irks me.”

The Beach, the appellation of a accumulating of paintings that was exhibi­ted in Gdansk, Poland, aftermost year and which is actuality apparent in Valletta until Saturday, evokes images of blackout as legions of bodies are abject at the benevolence of the cruel Maltese sun. 

But­tigieg captures these relationships amid these sun-worshippers, alert by their naked and innocent abandon – a acknowledgment to the Garden of Eden sans the barbarous demands of a artful god. These ample canvases can be apparent as ‘peoplescapes’ or ‘body landscapes’, eliciting comparisons with the all-embracing works of US columnist Spencer Tunick.

Buttigieg’s paintings are additionally ‘peoplescapes’ animated with a abstruse affection that can be authentic by Tunick’s own words: “Individuals en masse, after their clothing, aggregate together, metamorphose into a new shape. The bodies extend into and aloft the mural like a substance.”

Buttigieg captures this chiefly on a few aboveboard centimetres of canvas space.

The Beach is hosted by The Splendid in Strait Street, Valletta, and is accessible to the accessible until Saturday,  from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7pm. Entrance is free.

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Heinz Label Template

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