Monitoring And Evaluation Report Template

By | November 26, 2021

October 10, 2021 | 12:00am

Monitoring and evaluation plan: Annex 1 to Funding Proposals Inside Monitoring And Evaluation Report Template

CEBU, Philippines —  The Department of the Interior and Bounded Government (DILG), Department of Busline (DOTr) and two added agencies will authority the Bike Lane Awards abutting ages in acceptance of the avant-garde practices of bounded government units (LGUs) in announcement alive carriage during this time of communicable via the enactment of bike lanes.

“The Bike Lane Awards aim to admit the efforts and practices of LGUs in announcement alive carriage abnormally during this time of communicable back advancement is limited,”  said DILG Secretary Eduardo M. An~o in a statement.

There are three categories to be contested: the city,  1st to 3rd chic municipality; and 4th to 6th chic municipality.

The top three LGUs per class will accept a applique of acceptance and be declared as gold, silver, and brownish awardees respectively, provided added that the LGU’s all-embracing account allotment charge at atomic ability the 75 percent casual rate.

Special awards may additionally be accustomed to LGUs that accept apparent admirable performance, accept apparent best practices, and avant-garde interventions in baddest aspects of affairs implementation.

The Alive Carriage Technical Working Group (TWG), comprised of the DILG, DOTr, Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), and Department of Health (DOH), will be the one to appraise LGUs based on institutional mechanism; policy, ordinances, and issuances; advantage of bike network; planning of bike network; affection of arrangement and basement design; implementation,monitoring, and evaluation; and alley assurance architecture and acquiescence to architecture standards.

Interested LGUs may admission the appropriate arrangement through the link: Filled-out templates of abstracts charge be submitted to the DILG Bureau of Bounded Government Supervision (BLGS) through the LGU’s corresponding DILG Regional Offices.

The final alarm for submissions and alliance of entries will be on October 22 while those that canyon the antecedent screening will be allotment of the civic validation to be captivated on the aboriginal to the third anniversary of November 2021, to actuate the civic awardees for anniversary category.

The DILG will awning all submitted entries based on the submitted abstracts and Agency of Verifications (MOVs) and baddest the able LGU candidates based on the abyss of their submissions, anniversary absolute the afterward sections: accomplishments contour of bike lane arrangement and action initiatives; bike lane network/s; and added abstracts and advice requirements.

Aside from that, An~o hopes alley assurance for all users and the enactment of adequate bike lanes will be answer further.

In band with this, An~o issued Memorandum Circular No. 2021-113 advancement all LGUs with absolute or advancing bike lane architecture to booty allotment in the “National Bike Day” Bike Awards 2021: LGUs Alive Advancement Initiatives and Practices in the Enactment of Bike Lanes set November 28, 2021.

Last year, the DILG issued MC No. 2020-100 auspicious all LGUs to advance and accomplish alive busline attainable as a agency to abutment people’s advancement aural their corresponding areas of jurisdiction.

“The charge to advance alive carriage becomes all the added important so that bodies can abide to address to and from assignment and admission capital services,” An~o said. — KQD (FREEMAN)

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Monitoring And Evaluation Report Template

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