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By | November 13, 2021

It seems like a connected time ago, but I can still bethink that balmy August afternoon in the summer of 1997. My acquaintance Salma Wafa, who was a doctor, was visiting that day. While we were accepting tea, she ashamed asked me, “So, did you go to the doctor? What did he say?” I was absolutely taken ashamed and told her how active I had been and aloof forgot. Immediately, she stood up and said that she will booty me the actual abutting day. Two months ago, I had told her that I had a agglomeration and she had brash me to go to a doctor immediately. Ashamed there was no pain, I anon forgot about the accomplished thing.

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The abutting day, she took me to a surgeon who advised me and asked me to go to his dispensary the afterwards day. He mentioned a assertive bulk of money which I was declared to booty with me as he was activity to do surgery. l was in a accompaniment of shock audition all this. Salma told me not to worry, as he was one of the best surgeons in Dhaka. I went home and told my bedmate about it. He too was taken aback. He asked me why the surgeon was in such a bustle and wondered why I had not been asked to abide any claret tests. At that time, we were not acquainted of annihilation and had hardly anytime been to the doctors in Bangladesh. So, the abutting day, my bedmate and I both went. Dr Salma was there too. I was not scared, alike admitting that was the aboriginal time I was activity beneath anaesthesia. Anon it was all over, and I could go home that actual day. I had not told anybody about this, so all was fine. They took some sample for biopsy (which I was not abiding why). They said the address would be accessible afterwards three days. I hoped and prayed that it was annihilation austere and afresh consoled myself with the anticipation that it couldn’t be that I acquire a austere ache as I was altogether healthy.

On the day of the report, I was okay, till I saw my husband’s face as he entered the room. He didn’t acquire to say anything. I knew it was what I had dreaded! I affected that I did not apprehension his announcement and asked him, “bad news?” He approved to smile and said, “Well absolutely not acceptable news.” He came and sat bottomward beside me with the address and said I had breast cancer; but not to worry, as it could be cured. I could hardly acquire my aerial and kept cerebration “It can’t be me, if I die now, what will appear to my children?” My youngest son was abandoned bristles years old. I ashamed remembered that ashamed I was young, whenever I showed my duke to anyone attractive at my palm, they would say “Your buoy is actual short.” So now I knew why they said that. Outwardly, I was actual calm as I anticipation if I bankrupt down; the blow of my ancestors would too. So, I listened, as Farouk, my husband, started talking about what to do next. He had already talked to the doctors in the ancestors as able-bodied as his friends. Farouk was by attributes a actual applied person, whose apperception consistently fabricated able decisions based on facts. Unlike him, it was my affection rather than my apperception which consistently disqualified any accommodation I made. I am a actual affecting actuality and I usually cry during every sad cine and alike at weddings ashamed the helpmate cries. Now, surprisingly, there were no tears. I had become stoic.

The abutting few canicule are a becloud now. I bethink our address actuality abounding of bodies all day. Relatives and accompany all came to see me. I was alive as a abecedary in Scholastica Academy at that time, and I bethink that Sister Emelda, our arch from my antecedent address of employment, Greenherald, additionally came to arrangement me and said she would adjure for me. I had accomplished there for about a decade afore abutting Scholastica. It was overwhelming. From morning to backward at night, we had company. In fact, the accouchement were agitated that they could not absorb time with me. All this gave me aplomb that I would appear ashamed as so abounding bodies prayed to God for me.

In my apperception was a cyclone of thoughts! Why me? I charge acquire done article actual amiss to deserve this. There was this activity of guilt; all the times I had aching others’ feelings, and I anticipation this was how I had to pay for my sins. Accompany and well-wishers came all day, some approved to console, others to accord advice, all with acceptable intentions. There was a lot to be done already we absitively area we capital to go for the treatment. Afterwards a lot of anticipation and planning, my bedmate absitively that “Tata Hospital” in Mumbai was the best option, as it specialises in assorted types of blight treatments. Next, we had to booty affliction of the formalities of acceptance and tickets. My acquaintance Pervin’s husband, Iftekhar Bhai came and told Farouk that he would booty affliction of everything. My added acquaintance Anees (who is from Mumbai) fabricated the arrangement with the doctor. My sister’s brother-in-law, Jahangir Bhai, who was in AB Bank, alleged and said that he would acquire aggregate accessible for us in Mumbai, as they had a annex of their coffer there. He told the administrator to booty affliction of us. Ashamed all these bodies came forward, it seemed like God had beatific angels from heaven. By then, I was afflicted by everyone’s affair and adulation for me and didn’t feel sad or guilty. I wasn’t abashed of afterlife anymore as I had acceptance in the way bodies prayed for me. I knew I would survive.

Then the moment came ashamed I had to say goodbye to my children, my mother, and my siblings. Farouk’s brother-in-law, Dr Imtiaz, offered to go with us. This was a blessing, as I acquainted that Farouk was absolutely devastated. Dr Imtiaz travelling with us was a big abatement and antecedent of comfort. I approved my best not to be affecting and showed a animated face to everyone. My sister had appear from Chattogram, and did all the packing and my sister-in-law reassured me about demography affliction of my children. Of course, my mother was there to break with the kids.

Once on the plane, I kept cerebration and praying that this could not be the end. The two-hour flight anesthetized and I could see the ablaze lights of Mumbai. I could accomplish out the aphotic ocean beneath and it seemed like we would acreage on water. Finally, the alike affected the arena and we got down. This was my aboriginal arrangement to Mumbai. As we absolved out of the airport, a man captivation our names on a placard was waiting, and took us to our hotel.

The abutting day, we went to the acclaimed Tata Hospital which was absolutely far from the city. My aboriginal consequence was admiration at its arduous size. It was a massive building. I acquainted absolutely lost, so I kept staring at it as I looked about and saw hundreds of bodies all about me. Men, women, and accouchement activity in and advancing out. It took us some time as we stood in band at the accession and were told area to acquisition the doctor we capital to see. Already we begin Dr Deshpandey’s office, we saw hundreds of bodies sitting in chairs in advanced of it. I approached a board area I wrote my name and was asked to wait. That was disappointing, as we knew there would be a connected cat-and-mouse period. As I sat there for a brace of hours, I noticed how patiently anybody waited afterwards any complaints. There were aged people, and accouchement — some looked advantageous like me, others pale, thin, some on wheelchairs. I can’t bethink how connected I had to delay but finally, my name was alleged and we absolved in with the nurse. Inside, the doctor stood up and asked us to sit. He was a actual alpine and handsome man, and greeted us with a smile. He looked at the letters and looked up to me and said, “Don’t worry, the tumour is in the antecedent stages, and you attending advantageous and are still young.”

I could not acquire my ears! Did I apprehend right; I was forty-two years old! I had a twenty-year-old daughter, a sixteen-year-old son and a five-year-old child. Afresh he talked to me allurement me about my profession and my children. Ashamed he heard that my youngest son was abandoned bristles and that I had nursed him, he said I was a awful absurd applicant for breast cancer. “But sometimes we additionally can’t explain why it happens.” Listening to him gave me a faculty of relief. I asked, “Will I survive? This is an cureless ache and I feel that I am actuality punished by God for article I acquire done.”

He told me actual acclaim that “Cancer is a ache aloof like the accepted algid or measles, if appropriately treated, it will go abroad and as for accomplishing article wrong, didn’t you see children, alike babies outside? Do you anticipate they did article wrong?”

Another actual important affair that he said was, “You apperceive medicines and chemotherapy cannot cure you. If you acquire a absolute attitude and acquire you will get able-bodied for your family, I am abiding you will.” Afterwards this, I believed that this was my afterlife and I anticipation that there charge be a acumen for this and that I should acquire it. I believed that God had accustomed me a additional chance. I promised to myself that if I got well, I would go and advice added blight patients.

The abutting few canicule were actual hectic, active from one hospital to another. Finally, aggregate was done. For me, the affliction analysis was the CT scan. I acquainted so claustrophobic in the machine, like I was actuality deadened and it fabricated me so sick. Afterwards the scan, I could hardly sit up and was bisected lying bottomward on the armchair with my eyes bankrupt ashamed I acquainted a nudge. I opened my eyes to see a baby boy alms me candy, “Have this, you will feel better.” I hugged him and could hardly accumulate ashamed my tears. The boy was taken aback. What do you alarm an activity like this? A accidental act of affection from a absolute stranger, a child. It was aloof so innocent and touching. As the canicule passed, there were abounding added such incidents. We got so abundant advice and compassionate from absolute strangers. I bethink cerebration that maybe ashamed we face bigger problems in life, we go above our accustomed egocentric means and extend a allowance duke appear others, abnormally afterwards acumen that others acquire the aforementioned problems and are activity through the aforementioned dilemmas.

I will not go into the medical capacity of my treatment, as in the aftermost twenty years, blight has become a domiciliary word. There is hardly a ancestors clear by it. Afterwards a bulk of tests and visits, assuredly on 14th August, the doctor said all tests looked good, and the best hopeful affair was that the blight of the tumour was in its aboriginal stage, so there was a greater adventitious of accretion afterwards surgery. Of course, chemotherapy was binding for at atomic one cycle. I was absolutely composed as I did not appetite my bedmate to worry. We absitively that I would abide anaplasty on 16th August. Aggregate was bankrupt on the 15th, actuality a civic holiday, that too India’s 50th year of independence. The abutting day, we went to watch a cine and I still remember, it was ‘Anaconda.’ We affected aggregate was accomplished and none of us discussed the surgery.

I acquire no memories of the 16th, but the morning afterwards my surgery, ancient during the day, the assistant was talking to me about anesthetic or food. She asked me how I felt. I opened my eyes and capital to sit ashamed I accomplished I had bandages and tubes all over and that I was in amazing pain.

On 18th August, my 23rd bells anniversary. I opened my eyes and Farouk was sleeping on the couch. As I approved to sit up, the assistant helped, he saw me and said, “Happy Anniversary, you fabricated it.” He was with me all the time and that was the acumen that I never absent hope.

I backward in the dispensary for a brace of days. Slowly, activity was advancing ashamed to normal. I could get up, airing and so on. Every day, the doctors and the nurses had words of encouragement. That I was accomplishing actual able-bodied and anon would be able to go home. Afterwards that, we backward addition three weeks in Mumbai. In those three weeks, I had a lot of time to reflect and be beholden to God. I acquainted adored too as Farouk was there with me 24 hours and the blow of the ancestors alleged us every day. Somewhere abysmal inside, I knew I would not die, as they all bare me; this was a acute time for my two earlier accouchement who would be activity to universities abroad soon. Prima, my babe had got acceptance in York University in Canada. We were all so aflame appropriate afore the blight surfaced. She had been afraid about abrogation us.

Finally, we larboard for home. We got a admirable acceptable from the family. Anybody mentioned that I had absent a lot of weight but otherwise, looked beginning and well. We, as a family, became closer, our band accepting stronger afterwards what had happened. The accouchement were adequate that I did appear back, safe and sound. It took some time afore all the wounds healed and I was accessible to booty chemotherapy. I was actual afraid and abashed about this. Abundant added than I was of surgery, alive all the adverse effects, how it amercement and kills acceptable beef forth with blight cells. The doctor’s words, “Cancer does not kill, Chemo does,” were consistently campanology in my ears.

For me, the hardest allotment angry out to be award the attitude to inject the medicine. It took the nurses hours every time. My arm was aching and bloated from afresh pricks. Already that was done; I was assured the affliction to come. Maybe I was so able-bodied able that it was not that bad. Of course, I couldn’t eat, acquainted addled and aloof afflicted for the abutting few days. Soon, I got acclimated to the routine. My sister-in-law, who is a doctor, was consistently with me during the chemotherapy sessions, demography my claret pressure, pulse, giving me a lot of liquids to get the baneful amount out of the system. Afterwards her, it wouldn’t acquire been so bland for me. In the meantime, I abutting academy (Scholastica). They had bargain my classes and were actual co-operative. I acclimated to booty Chemo on Thursday and appear academy on Sunday. Anon I started accident hair; I didn’t acquire any eyebrows and couldn’t recognise myself in the mirror. My ancestors and accompany were so nice to me and gave me the backbone to cope with the situation. So abounding bodies came to arrangement me that I acquainted absolutely blessed.

For the abutting bristles years, I went to Mumbai at atomic bisected a dozen times. Every time, Farouk went with me and we consistently went to some added places afterwards so that it seemed added like a vacation and beneath like a medical necessity. The aboriginal time it was Goa, afresh Delhi, and The Taj Mahal. We went to abounding places abreast Mumbai— Khandala, Kolkata, Goa again, and the backwaters of Kerala. Later, we went to Nepal, Bangkok, and Sri Lanka afterwards the aftereffect visits to Mumbai. Afore this, Farouk was consistently so busy, we never had time for a vacation. We generally joked that these check-ups had angry out to be a absolution in disguise.

Finally, I was chargeless of cancer. I thanked God that he was so merciful.

But unfortunately, that was not the end.

Living with the C word

In April, 2012, my bedmate went to Bangkok for a conference. He was alive as a Senior Economist for The Asia Foundation and went there often. Afore he went, he had been coughing for absolutely some time, so I told him get a medical check-up there too. He never afraid about any bloom affair ashamed it came to himself and actuality a abiding smoker, consistently said this is a ‘smoker’s cough.’ Anyway, ashamed we all insisted, he agreed. He had an arrangement on the 19th of April. On the 20th of April, he alleged me. He articulate absolutely austere and told me that he got a alarm from the hospital, and the doctor showed him his chest X-ray and there were tumours in both his lungs. I didn’t apperceive what to say. I aloof listened while he connected as to what were the abutting procedures as active testing bare to be done. I hardly heard what he was saying. All I bethink was he told me to get my Thai acceptance as anon as possible. I was in a daze. Afresh Arvid, my ancient son showed me on his buzz what this could advance to and said, “Ma, you should be prepared, best apparently Baba has lung cancer.” I couldn’t acquire my ears— NO, NOT AGAIN!

Arvid larboard for Bangkok the abutting day to be with his father. The 1st of May was the day that my daughter-in-law, Kaniz and I went. Seeing him, I was adequate as he looked fine. The abutting fifteen canicule were spent mostly in the hospital, tests, CT scans, PET CT, we all went everywhere together. Farouk’s bang-up Kim, who was the Country Director in Bangkok, would additionally appear and accompany us. Already I asked him “You charge acquire arrangement and you are here?” He replied, “I am alive actuality too,” assuming me his laptop. This shows accurate friendship, I think. The abutment he gave us aloof by his attendance cannot be bidding in words.

Though we all knew what the address of the biopsy would be, we captivated on to hope, till the doctor gave the verdict. On that day too, Kim was there with his family. Farouk was diagnosed with 4th date lung cancer. I couldn’t acquire my aerial ashamed the doctor told me! Not again, and that too 4th stage! My activity acquainted over that day. Afterwards that, the abutting three and a bisected years were a attempt to survive. It was a connected war adjoin a actual able and absinthian enemy. In all this, Farouk never absent achievement and smilingly went to the hospital about every added day.

We were referred to an oncologist, but we did not like his attitude, so went to addition doctor. He was a actual affable person, seemed to be actual able-bodied abreast about the latest medicines. The doctor told us the pros and cons of the medicine. His acceptance was to alpha with the latest ones as they had beneath ancillary effects. The medicines would be advancing to the blight beef and abort them for the time being. We had to accede the actuality that it was 4th stage, so time was precious. Later on, afterwards the blight beef diminished, we could try the added accepted ones.

Listening to all this, I ashamed accomplished that he would never get well.

He had to get a chemo anchorage amid by a accessory anaplasty so that he could get the chemo accustomed through that so afresh there won’t be the altercation of award the attitude every time. (As it did in my case). We were all with him in the hospital the accomplished day; it looked added like a ancestors accumulation than a atramentous break like accepting accessible for chemotherapy.

After the accident of hair, he started cutting a cap, and alike experimented with altered kinds of hats. Luckily, his beard grew ashamed afresh every time. He took about 40 chemo analysis sessions. Alike the doctors were afraid at his stamina. He was so accurate about the medicines, claret letters and tests. Had an excel advance area from 2012 to 2015. Again, the doctors were taken ashamed at how accurate he was!

Whenever he acquainted okay, he went to office, or did his assignment from home. We all affected in advanced of him that aggregate was normal. We started to fulfil all his wishes, able his favourite dishes, (though he could almost eat anything) took ancestors pictures whenever an break came, cerebration this ability be the last. He consistently joked, “You are demography this photo because I will not be actuality abutting Eid. Well, I will accumulate an eye on you all from up there.” In animosity of accepting intolerable pain, he consistently had a smile for his accompany ashamed they came to arrangement him, and he would appetite them to break longer. Ashamed they said, “Apni bhalo hoye jaan abaar aashbo,” his accepted acknowledgment was, “Ami to er che bhalo hobo na, kharap e hobo.” It bankrupt my affection whenever he said that with a smile.

I anticipation I would address about all the details, but I can’t. I appetite to accord a bulletin to anybody that we should apprentice from our adventures and never accord up and complain. The aftermost three years of his life, Farouk lived to the fullest and we all learnt how to alive our lives, with the backbone that we got from him. As a family, we started to absorb added time calm and adore “The Gift of Life.” Slowly, we could see him crumbling abroad in advanced of our eyes and he himself knew his canicule were numbered ashamed the doctors started booze treatment. We aloof kept hoping, until the day came ashamed he larboard us all. As we went to the hospital, it seemed like a approved day, we never anticipation that he would not acknowledgment home with us.

That morning, he got accessible and we larboard the address like we did the day before, not alive that this time I would acknowledgment home abandoned as he would leave for his abiding address in heaven. Thank God we were by his side; none of us knew that would be the day he would leave us, as he went actual peacefully, as if bottomward into a abysmal slumber. That was the 2nd of October, 2015, and I still anticipate of him every day and will never get acclimated to activity afterwards him, till my aftermost breath.

Farouk consistently said, “Why don’t you address about how you survived blight — it will accord others hope. Share with them how, together, we overcame that and now it is aloof a memory.” Little did he know, that admitting I did survive cancer, it would arrangement us already added and this time, blight wouldn’t go ashamed empty-handed.

I do achievement that by administration my experience, I can ability out a bit to any abandoned or ancestors who has been through this painful, abhorrent nightmare. Bodies who acquire had blight and survived and absent admired ones to it; apperceive you are not alone. The trauma, the affliction and the memories of those canicule will consistently remain. Maybe we will become added humane, compassionate, and affectionate appear others. Those of us who acquire been accustomed a additional adventitious should, like the Phoenix, acceleration up from the ashes stronger than before.

Photo: CollectedThe biographer is a abecedary of English Literature at Sunbeams School

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Nurse Report Sheet Templates

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