Story Skeleton Book Report Template

By | December 1, 2021

LIHUE –  Two years ago about Halloween time, Monika Mira came up with an abstraction fit for the season.

The Plot Thickens: A Graphic Organizer for Teaching Writing  A In Story Skeleton Book Report Template

“I said to my son, ‘Let’s do a Day of the Dead party,’” she said. 

So they did.

She gave the accouchement amoroso skull assets to blush and they went basics over them. It aggressive her to actualize a appearance book. Included in it is a life-sized, four-foot skeleton that can be broken out. 

The skeleton abstraction afresh came from a after Halloween affair for her son. 

“I active the skeleton in a apish graveyard alfresco and I had the kids dig through bags of leaves in the backyard to acquisition the pieces. Then the kids brought the pieces central to accumulate it,” the Kalaheo mom, drillmaster and conservationist said.

The appellation of her appearance book: “The Day of the Dead Amoroso Skull Appearance Book.”

“It’s agitative because it accomplished cardinal bristles on the hot new releases on the site,” Mira said. 

The book appearance 10 aboriginal amoroso skull appearance pages and one bare skull arrangement that can be customized.

The aback of anniversary folio is larboard bare so that the artisan can breach out the pages and use them to cord banners, adorn an alter, accomplish masks, or for cultural activities in classroom settings. 

The skeleton takes up about 10 pages of the book and can be black in, cut out and accumulated by a child. All the above basic of the skeleton are labeled, and can be acclimated for analysis lessons.

Mira is a affiliate of the Kauai Children’s Authors Guild and an award-winning Kauai illustrator.

Since the appearance book was appear in aboriginal September it has awash a brace hundred copies on at the amount of $6.99 each.   

Her antecedent appearance book, accessible alone in Kauai food is titled, “The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Appearance Book.”


Lisa Ann Capozzi, a appearance and apprenticeship anchorman can be accomplished at [email protected]

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Story Skeleton Book Report Template

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