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By | November 16, 2021

Welcome! This educational ability focuses on Northwest Bank two-dimensional corrective design. It is aggressive by Lyle Wilson’s exhibition “Paint: The Corrective Works of Lyle Wilson,” which was was conceptualized by Maple Ridge Art Gallery curator, Barbara Duncan and was apparent at the Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver, BC. These abstracts will accommodate you with an accession to the artist, his community, and his art. They will additionally accommodate advice about the links amid articulate history and adumbration in Northwest Bank society, the basal elements of Northwest Bank design, and acceptable painting techniques. In addition, these abstracts will action bright access to the British Columbia curriculum’s assigned acquirements outcomes.

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Students Will be Able To:

A Note on Layout:

Each assignment contains a assignment accession in the anatomy of an educator’s monologue. The educator’s calligraphy is in quotations; admonition for the abecedary are in brackets. Anniversary assignment additionally contains an activity, assignment closure, and a account of abstracts you’ll need. 

Download PDF adaptation of this resource.

Download images acclimated in this resource.

All art works depicted actuality and in the downloadable abstracts are © Lyle Wilson. Thses images are to be acclimated abandoned for the purpose of education, analysis or clandestine study; and any use of the angel for a purpose added than education, analysis or clandestine absorption requires the allotment of the absorb owner.

Materials You’ll Need:

“Lyle Wilson is a Haisla artisan built-in and aloft abreast Kitimaat, B.C. (Show the  Aboriginal Nations Map of British Columbia and point to Haisla territory, which is in the centre of the coast, beyond from Haida Gwaii). “This is area the artisan and his ancestors are from. The accepted Haisla Nation is fabricated up of two celebrated bands: the Kitimaat and the Kitlope.”

“Lyle is a alum of Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He is a accomplished carver, he makes jewelry, writes, and paints. His assignment shows his absorption and charge to recycling and reusing materials, education, and absorption the Haisla language. We will be belief his corrective works.”

“When Lyle Wilson was alive at the Museum of Anthropology visitors would generally access him and abash the able-bodied accepted Haida bodies with the Haisla people. While he approved to actual them, it was difficult to do afterwards a map to appearance their abstracted territories – so he created the one you see afore you! So actuality on Haida Gwaii, which was aforetime accepted as the Queen Charlotte Islands, is area the Haida live. And here, on the mainland, is area Lyle and his people, the Haisla, are from. The ambit on the map outline the regions area altered languages were batten – the territories of Aboriginal Nations peoples of BC generally overlapped. So, because these borders are “sensitive and contentious” as Lyle describes them, he has absolutely fatigued them in morse cipher for SOS. Who knows what SOS means?”

Materials You’ll Need:

“Why do bodies actualize art? There are abounding reasons. Can you anticipate of any?” (If acceptance do not acknowledgment them, you may say: to appearance a feeling, to archetype what we see in the world, to bless article that happened, or artlessly to actualize beauty.) “Even admitting Northwest Bank art is beautiful, it is not artlessly a decoration. The art generally tells us stories—stories about a family’s history, what they own, and how a ancestors is affiliated to the airy world.”

“It is important to bethink that not all cultures from the Northwest Bank are the same, in fact, there are abounding altered cultures on the coast. These cultures batten altered languages, and had their own audible art, dances and ceremonies. Some of these cultures, decidedly the arctic groups, disconnected themselves into clans. A abundant accord of Northwest Bank art expresses and annal association ancestry, status, privileges and ancestors histories. Abounding of these belief and histories are told application a family’s or a clan’s crest.”

“Before acquaintance with Europeans, Northwest Bank Aboriginal Nations families lived calm in one big house, or set of houses. Ancestors groups were generally fabricated up of a chief’s ancestors as able-bodied as his aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, adopted members, and slaves. The bodies active in the house, with the barring of the slaves, were said to be accompanying to a accepted ancestor. Does anyone apperceive what an antecedent is? They are our ancestors from a continued time ago. We usually use the chat antecedent not aloof for our parents, or our grandparents, but for our great-grandparents, and our abundant abundant abundant grandparents! Ancestors for Northwest Bank Aboriginal Peoples are said to be from a actual continued time ago aback bodies were said to be able to booty both beastly and beastly form. This is why you ability see an beastly or abnormal appearance corrective on the advanced of a able family’s house. It is there to acquaint the adventure of the ancestors that lives inside. (Point out abode advanced architecture in pictures). “These designs acquaint belief about a family’s accepted history and are alleged crests. Generally they told about the accepted ancestor, how the antecedent came to apple at the alpha of time, and it reminds bodies of the abode area the antecedent came to earth. A family’s affiliation to the adventure of their aboriginal ancestors gives them abundance and buying of assertive songs, artwork, land, and fishing areas accompanying to the story”.

“A ancestors accumulation ability own several crests. These crests could accommodate birds (eagle, raven), acreage animals (bears, wolves), sea animals (killer whales, halibut, salmon), accustomed appearance (sun, moon, mountains), or alike abnormal creatures (thunderbird, bifold headed sea-serpent). A acme could be carved or corrective assimilate abounding altar like spoons, boxes, hats, and abundant more.” (Click the images beneath to enlarge or appearance the acceptance the pictures of corrective objects).

 “Now let’s attending at Lyle Wilson’s Kitimaat Clans. This account shows a avant-garde archetype of the altered association crests of the Haisla bodies all in one painting. The Haisla amusing arrangement is based on clans; associates in a association is anesthetized bottomward through the mother’s ancillary of the family. There are eight Haisla clans: eagle, salmon, raven, frog, wolf, analgesic whale, crow, and beaver. Can you see anniversary animal?”

“You can see from the account that Northwest Bank Aboriginal Nations art is done in a august way. August agency it is not meant to attending absolutely like the affair it represents; it is not declared to attending realistic. Abundant like absolute life, anniversary beastly has assertive appearance that lets us apperceive what it is. Now, if we attending at Kitimaat Clans again, what do you see that ability acquaint you what beastly you are attractive at?” (Give acceptance time to answer. Allotment the afterward advice if the acceptance do not acknowledgment it: eagles are usually apparent with a shorter, absorbed beak. Ravens accept longer, adulate beaks. Whales usually accept afterwards fins and blowholes, admitting apricot accept beneath fins and no blowholes. Bears are usually apparent with advanced adenoids and big teeth, admitting wolves are apparent with a best snout. Beavers are apparent with big advanced teeth. Frogs accept advanced mouths).

“Now let’s attending at Lyle Wilson’s Atramentous and the Fisherman. It is based on a adventure about how Atramentous approved to abduct the halibut bend from the abnormal fisherman Kwaganoo. Today we are action to accomplish our own art based on this story.”

(Explain to acceptance that you are action to acquaint them a acclaimed adventure from Lyle Wilson’s community. Afore you start, booty a moment to analyze the afterward details, and address this on the lath for acceptance to accredit to in case they forget). “Here is the Haisla adventure of Atramentous and the Fisherman. During the adventure you will be alien to some absorbing characters:  Wigit (wee-get) is the Haisla name for the abnormal Raven, Kwaganoo (kwa-gah-noo) is a abnormal fisherman, and mumugazu (moo-moo-gwa-joo) is the name for halibut. This is the adventure of how the atramentous approved to abduct the halibut hook.”

(Explain to the acceptance that you appetite them to accept anxiously to the adventure and allegorize altered genitalia as they go. This can be done on one area in a accidental manner, or as a arrangement of images, as in a banana strip).

(As you acquaint the adventure of how Atramentous approved to abduct the halibut hook. (See adventure below) Accept acceptance draw what is accident in the story. Accomplish abiding you booty time to pause, analysis the capital credibility and ask acceptance what they brainstorm is happening. Encourage them to thnk about what the characters attending like and what the ambience ability attending like. Encourage acceptance to artlessly account out the capital characters about and afresh appear aback at the end to add capacity and colour).

One day, Wigit heard about a adolescent alleged Kwaganoo. Now Kwaganoo endemic a appropriate bend that he never let anybody see, let abandoned use. This bend was acclimated to bolt a actual appetizing bend alleged the mumugazu. (pause) Being consistently athirst and so lazy, Wigit consistently approved to acquisition aliment with the atomic bulk of accomplishment – so he absitively to ambush Kwaganoo out of his appropriate hook. (pause) At aboriginal he succeeded in accepting it, but aback he approved to use the bend to bolt his own mumugazu, Kwaganoo retaliated by pond underwater and yanking Wigit into the sea. (pause) Kwaganoo afresh proceeded to try to asphyxiate poor Wigit. (pause)

Using his abnormal powers, Wigit concluded up actual Kwaganoo’s animus – but alone barely! (pause) The Haisla bodies abstruse to bend for mumugazu because Wigit remembered how the bend was fabricated and gave it to them to use. But Wigit himself never acclimated it afresh because he was so abashed of Kwaganoo.” (pause)

Look at “Raven and the Fisherman” one added time and accept acceptance analyze the capital characters in the story. Ask them if they can name any of the added animals in the picture. 

(Invite acceptance to aces their favourite allotment of the adventure and add some detail and colour it. Circulate to accommodate advance and praise).

Invite acceptance to allotment which allotment of the adventure they chose to allegorize and why. Consider announcement the work.

“Northwest Bank Aboriginal Nations’ art is usually categorical by a ample atramentous band that is blubbery in some places and attenuate in added places. This is alleged a formline. There are added appropriate shapes that are used. An egg-shaped is a rounded, ample rectangle. U-forms attending like a wide, abounding in letter “u.” S-forms attending like a blubbery letter “S”, “T-shapes” can be apparent agreeable the u-forms. Sometimes, the elements of this art are alleged the “Northwest Bank alphabet.” Attending at Origins/Coalition by Lyle Wilson. Can you point to an ovoid? Can you see a u-form, s-form, and t-shape?”

“The egg-shaped is a actual appropriate appearance in Northwest Bank Aboriginal Nations art. But area did the acclaimed egg-shaped appearance appear from? There are a few ideas. Lyle Wilson shows some of them in his Origins/Coalition painting. Some bodies anticipate it originally came from the categorical circles apparent on the aback of a skate fish. Others anticipate it may be modeled afterwards the white application aloft the eye of an orca whale. Still, others say it had to do with the appearance of the eye-sockets of a beastly skull.” (Point to the skate ovoid. Point to the orca’s ovoid. Point to the skull ovoids). “You can additionally calmly accomplish an egg-shaped with your easily if you ambit them and abode your fingertips together.” (ShowThe Evolution of the Egg-shaped cartoon by Lyle Wilson. Pass out models or pictures of a skate fish, orca whale, and skull for the accouchement to examine, if available).

“Now we are action to try accomplishing some egg-shaped assets together.”

“Look at Lyle Wilson’s “Origins/Coalition.” Can you point out an ovoid, u-form, s-shape, and t-shape? Practice cartoon at atomic one of anniversary appearance in your cartoon book chargeless hand. Now, bend a cardboard in bisected and draw bisected of an egg-shaped on one side. Bend it over and blemish your cartoon assimilate the added side.” (For added cartoon and archetype activities see: Simple Hummingbird Architecture and Haisla Mee-Yuh Archetype Area accessible in the downloads at the top of this page).

Materials You’ll Need:

Brushes for painting (fine Chinese acrylic brushes are excellent, if you can acquisition them)

“Northwest Bank designs were corrective assimilate abounding items. Who can bethink some of the things that Northwest Bank Bodies paint?” (After they accept answered) “Let’s attending at the pictures we saw afore to admonish us.”  (Show pictures of bentwood boxes, housefronts, canoes, beastly skins, spoons).

“What colours do you see in the paintings? The capital colors acclimated were atramentous and red. Atramentous was the capital color, acclimated for the outline, or formline. Red was acclimated for the close shapes. Green-blue was additionally common. White, and chicken are apparent in use as well. Acrylic was fabricated by bond arena up bright abstracts with apricot egg oil and saliva. Atramentous was fabricated by bond in charcoal dust. Red was fabricated application red ochre, a adobe like material. Green, or green-blue was fabricated application green-earth (glauconite or celadonite).”

“Look at this account of a acceptable besom and acrylic set.” (Show picture) “Where do you anticipate a Northwest Bank artisan got his acrylic besom from? The store? What do you anticipate artists would accept to do to accomplish acrylic brushes and paint?” (Listen to answers.) “Yes, acrylic brushes were carved from wood. Besom tips were fabricated of hair, usually amazon hair, and they were angry to the handle of the besom application cedar braid (string fabricated from the roots of the cedar tree). The brushes were additionally cut at an angle. Why do you anticipate brushes were cut at an angle?”

“We are action to try authoritative paint, today. Since we can’t absolutely go out and coursing a porcupine, cut bottomward a timberline to carve a lath handle, or alike bake copse for charcoal, we’re aloof action to accept to do an action that gives us an absorption of what it ability accept been like to accomplish and use our own paint. Brainstorm you accept chopped bottomward a timberline that you acclimated for abounding things, but additionally you acclimated a tiny bit to carve your besom handle. Brainstorm you harvested cedar root, and fabricated braid from it, and captivated it about amazon hairs from a amazon your ancestors affiliate caught. Brainstorm you accept taken $.25 of charcoal from the fire, and ashamed apricot eggs to get the oil. Now you accept your paintbrush, oil, and charcoal. You are action to mix it all calm with your own saliva to accomplish paint!”

Invite acceptance to address a account access about the acquaint they accept had and allotment what they accept learned, what they accept done and how they acquainted about it.

Lyle Wilson is committed to reusing abstracts other’s would bandy out. A Archetypal Canoe carved and corrective by Lyle was started by addition artist, and was action to be alone because of a able in the wood, but Lyle salvaged it application the acceptable address of butterfly patches. Bahgwanah: The Origins, additionally uses this address (Downloadable at the top of this page). Talk about means we can reclaim and recycle our art materials.

Begin by saying, “if you capital to accomplish a canoe, or annihilation really, what would you charge to do it? (Let acceptance answer, eventually addition will apparently say a barometer tape, ruler, etc. If they don’t, advance them to the acknowledgment with a catechism like “What about the size? How would you accomplish abiding the accomplished artefact was the appropriate admeasurement and all the altered genitalia fit together?”) Right, a barometer tool! So inches, feet, meters and centimeters are all European measurements, so how do you anticipate a canoe maker would accept done it afore the Europeans came? They did it application what they had, and the easiest accessible affair we accept is? (see if anyone says it, if not, accomplishment your book with) Our bodies! So craftsmen would use their hands, accoutrements and fingers to measure. Traditionally, the rule-of-thumb was that the abandon of a cedar canoe should be two finger-widths blubbery and the basal should be three.” Admeasurement classroom item’s breadth application your hand. Admeasurement its amplitude application your fingers.

Look at “Raven and the Fisherman.” How abounding kinds of animals can you see in the painting? Accomplish a list. All these animals alive on the Pacific Coast. What do they charge to survive? How does the bank accommodate that? What can we do to accumulate our Bank apple-pie and advantageous for all these animals?

This ability was created for the Bill Reid Centre by Desiree Danielson with the advice of Centre Manager Bryan Myles, exhibition coordinator Kwiaawah Jones, and UBC Faculty Advisor Alison Diesvelt. Advice for this ability was taken from the afterward works:

British Columbia, Ministry of Apprenticeship (2010). Visual Arts, Kindergarten to Grade 7. Victoria, B.C., Ministry of Education, Province of British Columbia.

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Holm, B. (1978). Northwest Bank Indian Art: An Analysis of Form. Vancouver: J.J. Douglas.

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Wilson, L., Duffek, K., Wyatt, G., Duncan, B., & Maple Ridge Art Gallery. (2012). Paint: The Corrective Works of Lyle Wilson. Maple Ridge, B.C: Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Arts Council.

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